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Chimney Crowns

     Chimney crowns are the leading cause of most chimney deterioration. Due to their location high above the roof line, there is very little protection from the elements. Chimney crowns often need to be inspected, and repaired when necessary to prevent damage to the brick.

     Chimney crown repair cost varies depending on the size of the crown and how easily I can access the the top of the chimney. On average the cost of repairing a crown would run between five hundred and  two thousand dollars. The fluctuation in this price range comes from, the fact that there are different types of crown repairs for a crown, depending on the level of damage it has incurred.

    One option is to resurface your chimney crown. This repair is ideal  for a crown that has multiple hair line cracks. This repair will seal  water out, preventing the cracks from deepening with each new rainfall and will also improve its appearance. There are brush-able crown repair  products available to help make this repair very easy. For more  extensive damage, the crown will need to be completely rebuilt.  Replacing the chimney crown is the repair that is going to last the longest but, resurfacing is far cheaper  and works the best when the damage is not major.

    If I determine that the crown needs to be replaced I will start the process by removing the old crown and chipping out the regional cement. After the old crown is removed, it is possible pour and cure a new chimney crown by using a trowel to put new cement into place. The cement will take some time to dry and cure, often requiring a few weeks to one month before the process is complete.  When the concrete is cured and ready it is time to apply the water repellent. This is the final part of curing a chimney crown and it is the most vital part of preventing damage from the elements over time.

      Water sealing the chimney crown consists of applying a product called Chimney Saver Water Repellent. To read more information about Chimney Saver Water Repellent please click on the link  http://chimneysaver.com/#&panel1-1