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               We provide customers with the Best Chimney Sweep Services PossibleChimney crowns are the leading cause of most chimney deterioration. Crowns are a very important part of the chimney. Due to their location high above the roof line where there is very little protection from the elements, chimney crowns often need repaired.mm

     When chimney crowns crack and deteriorate, they allow the water to penetrate the upper few rows of brick. When this happen throughout the freeze thaw cycle of each year, the frozen water will actually push the mortar out from in-between the bricks and promote sprawling and potential leaks inside of your home.

    To correct this, the upper section of the chimney may need to be tore down and built back up to regain the structural integrity.

    However most chimneys only require to be re-pointed. Re-pointing the chimney consists of grinding out all of the old mortar from in-between the brick, and applying new mortar to the joints and, a new chimney crown will also need to be formed to prevent the damage from reoccurring.