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                                          HomeSaver Stainless Steel Chimney Caps

      The best investment you can make to protect your chimney is a good quality chimney cap. A chimney cap prevents entry of rain and animals and helps contain sparks. Chimney caps can also help solve certain chimney performance problems.

     The number one cause of damage to chimneys is rain and weather. Rain is absorbed into the bricks and mortar, then weather changes cause expansion and contraction that leads to deterioration of the masonry that can compromise your chimney's structural stability.

     Birds and animals are attracted to chimneys because they offer a nice, tall place to live with secure protection. However, animal and bird nests are highly flammable, baby birds make incessant noises that will nearly drive you mad, and if the critter can't exit through the top of the chimney, she and her babies will try and exit through the bottom - right into YOUR house! Raccoons and squirrels can get into the house and cause thousands of dollars in damage to furnishings, rugs, curtains and everything in reach in their desperate attempt to escape from your home. They also harbor lice, fleas, rabies and other diseases that can put your family at risk.

     Most folks figure that the baby critters will grow up and leave the nest, exit the chimney top, and then you're safe to use the chimney. Not true! First of all, far too many babies cannot escape the chimney and will die in there, creating horrible odors and maggot infestations. Second, the remaining nesting materials can block the chimney so that fumes and smoke cannot escape, as well as providing fuel for a raging chimney fire.

        A good chimney cap also includes a screen that helps control sparks. On windy days, chimney draft can be affected and if sparks exit the chimney they can ignite nearby trees, leaves and other flammables. If your home is located within a wooded area, a chimney cap with a spark arrestor is strongly recommended.
We offer a wide range of caps to suit any chimney: round, square, rectangle or multi-flued. Custom built models are also available for challenging installations. We offer chimney caps in copper or stainless steel. Other materials are available, such as galvanized metal and aluminum, but these materials are not as durable. A quality chimney cap is a one-time investment that will protect your chimney for a lifetime.

     Fireplaces in older homes were built without dampers. Dampers help prevent heat loss by sealing the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. An open fireplace chimney can allow hundreds of dollars in energy loss through the chimney each year. A top mount damper is an effective solution for upgrading an older fireplace chimney. It's even a great idea for newer fireplace chimneys, as well!

      The cast iron dampers built into a fireplace throat at time of construction offer an insufficient seal against heat loss. They can rust and hang up, and become difficult to open and shut. Top mount dampers are made of materials that will not rust; they are easier to operate, provide a tight, gasketed seal against heat loss, and offer protection against rain entering the chimney. A top mount damper is an effective replacement damper that will quickly pay for itself, usually within the first year of use.


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I need my chimney inspected/serviced. Solution:Locate a Chimney Professional near you.
Can a chimney look good on the outside but be faulty or even dangerous on the inside? Solution:Revitalize your chimney with HomeSaver Chimney Relining System.
I feel like the warm air of my house is escaping up my chimney. Solution: Energy saving top-sealing dampers can save you hundreds a year in heat loss.
Can a chimney cap really save me money? Solution: Chimney caps prevent long term damage to your flues, keep out critters, and help prevent fires.
My installer gave me a card to register my warranty. Solution: To register your warranty, you can mail that card or easily register your warranty online.